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At DTU, we work to make our websites as user-friendly as possible.

The work consists partly of developing our CMS, so that websites produced on the platform are designed so that they are accessible to all - partly to provide the editors of the many sites with tools and guides that make the work with accessibility easier. The purpose is to make the content easily accessible and ensure equal opportunities and equal access to the information the university publishes online. The success criterion is to comply with the standards defined in the W3C at AA-level.

Despite the efforts to comply with both the technical and editorial requirements, there may be content that are not fully optimized. We are in the process of a major technical renovation of DTU's web platform, which in 2021 will include a new design that will address some of the existing challenges.

Should there be content on the main site or one of the many affiliated subsites that are not available to a sufficient extent, you can contact about the problem and we will try to find a solution.

You can read more in DTU's accessibility statement at (in danish), which describes the accessibility of the main site as well as subsites.


Kasper Antonsen

Kasper Antonsen Head of Web and Visual Identity Phone: +45 45251022