What can I do with an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial Engineering and Management graduates perform a very wide range of tasks that are typically related to the specific engineering field in which they earned their BSc. They often serve as the link between general management tasks and specialist projects and assignments. They generally use their competencies in areas such as planning and problem structuring with a view to ensuring efficient operation or implementation of tasks.

Typical fields of work

Graduates in industrial engineering management typically assume project management, consultancy, or development positions in areas such as technology and operations management, development, innovation, system planning, and process optimization. Some are also engaged in more interdisciplinary work in the health care, safety, and environmental area.

Career opportunities

From the very outset, Industrial Engineering and Management graduates have found jobs in a very wide range of companies and sectors.

A number of our graduates have been employed with consulting firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, and PA Consulting, but also enterprises traditionally known to engage in engineering consultancy, such as COWI, Rambøll, and Atkins. Furthermore, some of them have also been employed with major Danish construction companies as well as industrial companies, including Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Siemens, and Vestas, where they have taken on various general project or operations management tasks. For some, the study programme has served as a stepping stone to start their own business.

Pursue a PhD

Once you have an MSc in Engineering, you might get the opportunity to continue your studies and apply for admission to the three-year PhD, which at DTU is a research-based programme ranking among the best in the world. You can do either a regular PhD or an industrial PhD, the latter with concurrent employment in a company.

As a PhD student, you will be part of a research group and will carry out an independent scientific project.