Learning the Scandinavian way

The special Scandinavian way pervades life at DTU. The educational system encourages all students to take responsibility for planning and executing projects, and to participate actively in discussions in order to develop their critical and analytical skills.

Students learn to work individually and in groups, and as a new student you will discover that everything is open to discussion and every opinion is valued. You will learn to ask questions, be innovative and to find and explore interrelationships.

Student-staff relations

There is a refreshing lack of hierarchy at DTU and student-staff relations are typically less formal than in most other countries. Professors go by their first name and are easily accessible to students. If you need to talk to your professor, go knock on their door, or send them an e-mail.

At first this might seem a bit unusual or even inappropriate to you, but it is not an expression of disrespect. In Denmark, people feel that respect is something you earn based on your actions and your character; it does not stem automatically from your wealth, your position or the size of your car.

Working in teams

Students learn to work individually but the bulk of coursework in your class is completed with group work. Group work not only encourages an open exchange of ideas and dialogue; it is a primary social engine at DTU. You will get to know your fellow classmates and build friendships and networks with both Danish and international students.


Appointments and schedules are taken seriously in Denmark. Being more than a few minutes late is therefore considered to be quite rude.

At DTU we honour our commitment—less than 1 per cent of all seminars are cancelled.

Seminars begin and end at the scheduled times, and we strongly advise you to be aware of schedules and deadlines for completing assignments.