New at DTU - intro for BSc students

Welcome as a new student at DTU! It takes time to settle into a new education. At DTU, we, therefore, regard the study start as the period from when you are admitted up to and including the first six months of the programme. During that period, we have several offers that introduce you to your new life as a student at DTU.

Your study start begins in “How to DTU”

The digital study start course “How to DTU” takes you through everything you need to know to get off to a good start with your student life at DTU.

In “How to DTU”, you meet your head of study and Polyteknisk Forening, the student association at DTU. You get practical information about starting your studies, an introduction to the rules and framework for your education, and tips and tricks to get the best out of your studies and to create a good student life.

How to log in to “How to DTU”

You log in to “How to DTU” with your DTU account, which you can activate once you have accepted your study place. It is stated in your admission letter how you do this.

Welcome and intro events

Welcome day on campus

18 August

Welcome day for all newly admitted students.

On the welcome day, you will be introduced to the campus, your field of study and your fellow students.

During the day, there are academic and social activities where you collaborate, think creatively and get to know your fellow students better.

All new students are officially welcomed to DTU by President Anders Bjarklev, Senior Vice President Lars Christoffersen and the President of Polyteknisk Forening.



Introductory courses

18-25 August

Polyteknisk Forening holds introductory courses for all new students. You can choose between different introductory courses – e.g. a course with or without alcohol.

In the introductory courses, you will meet students from both your own and other fields of study. The courses contain academic and social activities introducing you to your study and new study mates.

Registration: Read about the introductory courses and how to register in the welcome letter you receive from Polyteknisk Forening via email or on the Polyteknisk Forening website.




Info webinar for elite sports students

5 september 12 pm

If you are an elite athlete (participating at the highest level in the international competition structure within your sport), you are welcome to join this introductory webinar.

At the webinar, you will receive a short introduction to what it means to be considered an elite athlete at DTU. We will walk through what you need to be aware of to make a study plan that considers your sport and your studies. And you get to meet the study counsellors you can contact if you need help with your study planning during your time at DTU.

You are welcome to bring your trainer (or other relevant persons) to the webinar.

Sign up: write an email to to sign up

Intro event for students with special needs, SPS

There is a special intro event for students who have dyslexia, mental or physical challenges, developmental disorders or suffer from a chronic illness or another permanent impairment.

The event includes, among other things, an introduction to the SPS administrative procedures and the chance for individual conversations focusing on you and your need for support.

Registration: Read more and register for the event




The vectors are ready to welcome you

As a new student at DTU, you will be welcomed by our vectors.

The vectors are current students, typically from your study programme, whose job is to give you a good study start.

You will meet the vectors in the digital study start course, on campus for the welcome day and on the rustrips. You will also be part of a cake group where you can meet your fellow students and your vector.





Dates - mark the calendar

At the beginning of August, you can find the schedule for your first week of teaching in the online study start course “How to DTU”. The schedule will appear as a message on the course’s front page.

Find your courses on DTU Learn

Before teaching begins, you will also get access to your courses on DTU's teaching platform DTU Learn. Your lecturers will use DTU Learn to write messages and publish lesson plans.

You will get an introduction to DTU Learn in the study start course “How to DTU”.